Comox Fire Rescue

Prevention, Emergency Response, and the Comox Fire Training Centre

Comox Fire Rescue provides a variety of preventive and emergency services to a population of over 18,000 in an area of 16 square miles. This includes the Town of Comox, the Comox Fire Protection Improvement District, the Bates Huband Local Service Area (Regional District of Comox-Strathcona), and the Comox Indian Band. They also operate the Comox Fire Training Centre, which trains firefighters from all over Vancouver Island, and even parts of BC and the rest of Canada. The training centre is certified by the JIBC.

Train as if your life depends on it...

Just another night of live fire training at the Comox Fire Training Centre

... Because it does!

Fire Attack Level 1 and 2

This intense two-day course is designed to meet the evaluation requirements of the JIBC Firefighter Certification Program Level 1 (and Level 2 for up to 5 students per course) Module #8 practical component. Students engage in a large amount of live fire scenarios in our custom-built burn building as well as our vehicle fire prop, propane tank prop, and dumpster fire prop. 

HAZMAT (HAZardous MATerials) Awareness and Operations

The one-day Awareness course focuses on recognition of a hazardous emergency, personnel safety, hazard assessment, and the notification of the emergency response team using safe, practical, defensive actions all of which are critical components required when dealing with a hazardous situation.

The four-day HAZMAT Operations course is a necessity for employees of industries who manufacture, transport or store chemicals or other hazardous materials as well as fire and police personnel who respond to hazardous materials incidents including spills or drug labs. Participants will develop the skills to identify hazardous materials, determine the appropriate safety precautions, apply the principles of the Incident Command System (ICS) and the 8-Step process of managing a Hazmat incident. Through hands on scenarios, students will respond to simulated incidents wearing all required appropriate protective equipment and successfully demonstrate response management and the establishment of decontamination areas and procedures.

START (Survival Training and Rescue Techniques)

You spend a considerable amount of time training your firefighters to rescue civilians. How much time do you spend training your firefighters to rescue each other or themselves? Finally, a course designed to do just that. This intensive 1-day course focuses on hands-on training and skills development. Learn important skills that can save you and your fellow firefighters if things go bad. The training is designed to be effective using tools and equipment easily carried by your firefighters. 

This course is a must for new recruits and seasoned firefighters alike.

Our excellent facilities and training area allows the delivery of this program using many realistic props and scenarios.


On the afternoon of April 8, 2006 a firefighter attending a live fire training exercise at the Comox Fire Training Centre suffered a fatal heart attack as a result of heat stroke and dehydration. He collapsed during a rest break while wearing full PPE and immediately received first aid. He was rushed to the hospital less than a kilometer away where he died.

In the past, we treated our firefighters as most other fire departments did; we worked them hard and gave them a water break every once in a while. This unfortunate death changed all that for us. We now have a very formal Firefighter Rehab policy and procedure. You can read more about it here and see the flow chart here.

Marine Firefighting


I was very impressed with the high level of interest in firefighter training demonstrated by Comox valley firefighters, definitely one of the best ‎attitudes towards training I have witnessed in the country. Your training facility is second to none and Comox firefighters are blessed with such a facility literally on their doorstep. This combined with solid leadership is the recipe for a successful fire department that leads in training. 

Fire Chief Vince MacKenzie | Grand-Falls Windsor, Newfoundland


Hey guys, just left for home today after doing live fire at your facility. Awesome experience. Thanks for the wicked weekend. Best time ever!!

Firefighter from Sidney, BC


The excellence of the Comox Fire Training  programs, and Instructors in my opinion is simply outstanding. In my twenty three years of attending different facilities all over North America the Comox Fire S.T.A.R.T. program, Chief Gord Schreiner, and the Instructors (Rob, Ron, Cory) are a credit to Fire service family.

Assistant Chief Gary Charlton | Victoria Fire Department


Letter from Dr. Richard Gasaway

Chief Scientist Dr. Richard Gasaway | Public Safety Laboratory, St. Paul, Minnesota


Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to give me a tour of your training facility, and for sharing some of the many firefighter and community minded programs you are able to provide as a result of the facility.

Preparing our firefighters to safely and effectively meet the unique needs of our communities' requires countless hours of targeted training, education and experience to build their confidence in making the right decision at an emergency incident. Training and education can be costly to our citizens, while firefighter experience and confidence can take years to develop.

However, through your excellent training facility, you are not only able to develop and deliver cost effective and targeted training and educational programs, that build confidence in your firefighters, but you are also able to create realistic scenarios that provide firefighters the necessary hands on training and skills required for them to quickly gain the experience needed, training and experiences that enables them to perform with a high level of safety and efficiency at emergency incidents.

In addition to preparing your firefighters, your training facility and firefighters have also provided valuable training to neighboring communities while enhancing the safety and efficiency of your mutual aid partnerships. I was very inspired by my visit to your facility and encouraged from your model that we can emulate what you have achieved for the firefighting community in your region.

Andrew Brown | Assistant Fire Chief Training/Operations, Chilliwack Fire Department

Custom built training facilities

Comox Fire Rescue operates the Comox Fire Training Centre which delivers a variety of fire service training. The Training Centre includes two training towers, a live fire training centre, a cold smoke building, a confined space trainer, several gas props and two classrooms.

The design of our training centre allows for a large variety of complex scenarios allowing our firefighters and fire officers to hone their skills.

Firefighters experience real fires in our two-storey burn building

Many props allow us to learn many skills

JIBC Certified

Our extensive training program provides a high density of employee certifications to the National Fire Protection Association Firefighter Level 2 certification as well, Fire Service Instructor, First Responder (with spinal management and AED), Emergency Vehicle Operations and Defensive Driving.

Comox Fire Rescue

1870 Noel Ave, Comox, BC, V9M 2K9, Canada